Azerbaijani citizens rank third among foreigners going to Turkey for treatment

"Azerbaijan and Turkey have a good cooperation in health tourism. We continue offering the best service for Azerbaijani citizens in Turkish medical centers," consultant of the Turkish Health Minister Ahmet Comert told journalists, SIA reports.

According to him, every year, 10,000 people come to Turkey from Azerbaijan for treatment: "About 500,000 people receive treatment in Turkey every year. The Azerbaijani citizens rank third in this list following German and Libyan citizens. Moreover, certain discounts are offered for Azerbaijanis."

The consultant of the Turkish Health Minister said that Azerbaijani patients appeal to Turkish clinics mainly over problems related to vision, teeth, heart and cancer: "The number of people appealing in connection with aesthetic operations is growing, plastic surgery can only be carried out at a specialized hospital. If you undergo plastic surgery once and do not like the result, then you can not undergo operation over again."

Ahmet Comert added that Armenian citizens also come to Turkey for treatment. But their number is quite low.

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