Behind the artificial tension plan of Armenia - ANALYSIS

The Armenian media and separatist-terrorists began to circulate their claims about the tension on the border and in the territory of Karabakh. There is no fact that the Azerbaijani army has changed its position in its sovereign territory, but the Armenians are still planning to make noise and actualize their nefarious intentions. Undoubtedly, it is not in vain that the separatists call the Armenian population not to panic. Again, it is clear that they are trying to get official Baku to give up the demand for the implementation of the agreements with some dirty intentions, but no one doubts that all this is groundless, pointless and will in fact be fruitless.

It is clear from the calls of the US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried to Baku and Yerevan that the Armenians are making noise about the so-called "tension" and their fuss is just for some side to interfere in the issues. The statement of Toivo Klaar, the special representative of the European Union for the South Caucasus, said that he is worried about the so-called tension created by the Armenians, confirms what has been said, and is completely clear that the Armenians, as well as the separatist-terrorists, are trying to have a third party intervene. Perhaps they have made such a move again, motivated by their claims that they will achieve this intention when Khankendi's gas was cut off - i.e their wish to have foreign interventions. But they are not aware that they were very mistaken. They failed to realize that they will have to answer for the provocations they have committed on the territory of Azerbaijan, on our lands, and official Baku does not back down from any of its legal demands.

It goes without saying that the Armenians themselves cannot believe that the official Baku will give up their demands in the background of the shameful defeats they faced in the 44-day war and the signing of the capitulation document. It sounds ridiculous to say the opposite, because Azerbaijan, the winning side, demands its rights, puts forward the requirements arising from the signed statement. Nothing unusual is seen here, and it is impossible that the Azerbaijani side will face any kind of coercion, on the contrary, the winning country has the opportunity to put forward its requests. Armenian separatists-terrorists cannot hope for anything or have any fantasy. So, what is the meaning of these actions and what do they wish to achieve?

If Armenian separatists-terrorists themselves do not believe that official Baku will give up their demands, then it turns out that there are other goals here. When we think about what else that goal could be, the only option that comes to mind first appears, and here it becomes clear that there is no option but to prolong the implementation of the requirements. Indeed, if at this point it is considered impossible not to fulfill the demands of the Azerbaijani side, then it is confirmed that their only desire is to extend the implementation of those demands. In any case, the requirements must be implemented, and those who want to achieve something by prolonging the implementation of these requirements are showing their helplessness.

The most interesting thing to note is that the Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the practical aspects of the implementation of the trilateral agreements, more precisely, the agreements of November 10, January 11 and November 26, not with the President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, but with the Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan. This indicates that official Moscow is aware of the agenda of the Azerbaijani side and knows that it will not back down from its demands, and is even sure of it. This fact also suggests that Armenia is considered the responsible party in the possible tension. At least, it is clear from the course of events that the Russian side also has this opinion and finds its confirmation. When not only Russia, but the whole world is already aware of the intentions of Armenian separatists-terrorists, it is unreasonable and stupid for them to hope for something.

True, the separatists do not intend to use the new route, which they consider more inconvenient. They do not even want the removal of the Armenians who remained in the city of Lachin, the villages of Zabukh and Sus. There is no doubt that they will do their best to ensure this, but it is also an undeniable reality that any step they take will not change anything. So, what other intentions could there be in creating such artificial tensions? In any case, the creation of artificial tension cannot be without motive, and other reasons are also hidden at the root of this issue.

It is no secret that the Armenian opposition has targeted the current government and blames Pashinyan's government for the defeats they faced in the 44-day war. At the same time, the opposition is working hard to convey to the Armenian society that the Armenian government has lost in the signing of documents and diplomatic negotiations following its shameful defeats in the war. All this is aimed at forming a negative opinion against the authorities in the Armenian society, and the current authorities of Armenia are very worried about this. And now it turns out that those who are afraid of the wave that will be created by the change of the route, the transfer of Lachin, as well as the territories on the current corridor, are trying to prevent the internal public opinion from changing against them. Undoubtedly, they want to distract attention by creating artificial tension. On the other hand, it also seems to be a calculated move to the domestic audience, as always.

The point is that it is not believable that what the Armenians want, what their goals are, or their intentions to create artificial tension will lead to some kind of change. It was clear in advance that the Armenian cunning will appear again, and now it is not surprising that they resort to games. The Azerbaijani side on the other hand is prepared for all this. No one can guarantee that there will not be some insidious intentions behind the scenes of the Armenian character, which has been familiar to us for a long time. In particular, the desire and intention of Armenian separatist-terrorists to create artificial tension in recent days indicates their insidious intentions, and what else is behind this will be revealed in the near future.

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