What is Azerbaijan's role in Europe's energy security? - EXPERT INFORMED

"Azerbaijan's role in the energy security of many countries is growing every year."

The economist-expert Eldaniz Amirov said in his statement to SIA.

According to him, the role of Azerbaijan in energy security of each of the countries in Europe is growing: "We see this in different ways. In recent days, the West's search for energy supplies to reduce its dependence on Russia over the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has resulted in their repeated appeals to Azerbaijan. In this regard, Azerbaijan's existing energy potential is useful for both Azerbaijan and the West. Azerbaijan obtains currency by exporting its products, while the West gains its energy security.

Both through the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and the Southern Gas Corridor, Azerbaijan has strengthened its position by transporting its hydrocarbon resources to Europe. At the same time, it provides foreign exchange inflows from Europe to our country. There is a direct pipeline to Greece, Albania and Italy through the TAP project. Many countries also apply directly to Azerbaijan for gas supplies."

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