Euronews talks on Azerbaijan's rich traditions

The well-known TV channel "Euronews" has prepared an interesting report about Azerbaijan, including the cities of Sheki and Ismayilli, SİA informs.

The report emphasizes that at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, there is much to explore in Azerbaijan.

Renowned reporter Monica Pinna spoke in detail about the rich traditions of Azerbaijan during her journey from the Caucasus Mountains to the shores of the Caspian Sea.

"We will travel from the Caucasus mountains to the shores of the Caspian Sea, along the way discovering the hidden treasures of the Land of Fire in, Explore Azerbaijan, this week, on Euronews and

We will visit the town of Sheki, an ancient stop-over for merchants and traders at the foot of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It’s architecture and history are so unique, that Sheki is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Silkworm breeding, the trading of cocoons and raw silk were the main business in Sheki during the golden age of the Silk Road. Today, silk and trade are still at the core of this vibrant town. The caravanserai were traditional roadside inns for travelers and traders, and there are two magnificent examples that still remain to this day.

In Sheki, you must also visit the beautiful Khan's Palace built in 1762.

We will then visit the town of Lahij, known for centuries as a town of Artisans. But it's the coppersmiths that made it famous and we will meet a family business that have been working with copper for generations," reads the article.

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