Azerbaijan evaluates tourism potential of Karabakh

The State Tourism Agency is conducting preliminary diagnostics to evaluate the tourism potential of Karabakh, the head of the tourism policy and strategy department of the Agency, Mahammad Muradov, told Report.

"There are already certain results due to this diagnosis. At the same time, we are working on the creation of tourism infrastructure in parallel. Upon the order of the president, within the framework of the state investment program, tourism infrastructure will be built in areas such as Tugh, Sugovushan, and Dashalti villages, Hadrud settlement. In addition, tourism concepts are being developed," he said.

Some 11.6% of hotels and hotel-type facilities in Azerbaijan are located in the territories held under Armenian occupation for 30 years. Taking this into account, according to the officially announced and probable indicators estimates, 33 million tourists could not visit those areas due to the occupation. At the same time, the loss of GDP production in areas typical for tourism was more than $5 billion.

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