Tourist flow from Azerbaijan surges in Q12024

In January-March 2024, the number of Azerbaijani citizens travelling abroad increased by 31.7 percent compared to the first quarter of 2023 and reached 472,300 people, SİA informs, referring to the State Statistics Committee.

The number of people travelling to Iran rose by 40.6 percent, Georgia by 29 percent, Türkiye by 28.1 percent, Russia by 20.1 percent.

Thus, 38.3% of the Azerbaijani citizens travelled to Türkiye, 20.8% to Russia, 9.4% to Georgia, 8.6% to Iran, and 22.9% to other countries. Some 67.2% of travelers were men and 32.8% were women.

Over the course of three months, 67.4% of Azerbaijani citizens traveled by air, 30.3% traveled by rail and road, and 2.3% traveled by the sea.

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