YASHAT Foundation continues to improve living conditions of families of martyrs & war veterans in Azerbaijan

The directions for spending the funds received by the Foundation for Supporting the Wounded while protecting the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Families of Martyrs (YASHAT Foundation) have been revealed, SİA informs.

Some 43.13 percent of the collected funds were spent on improving the living conditions of the families of martyrs and war veterans.

In addition, 16.31 percent of the collected funds were spent on paying off debt obligations, 38.19 percent were spent on medical expenses, and 1.56 percent on education, vocational training and development of creative potential. Other expenses amounted to 0.81 percent.

To date, YASHAT Foundation has received 63,583,188.17 manats ($37.4 million) of funds. YASHAT Foundation has spent 44,508,561.48 manats of the raised funds ($26.18 million). The balance of the Foundation is now 19,074,626.69 manats ($11.22 million).

Until now, 2,909 families of martyrs have been visited, 9,914 people have been taken into care, and their problems are being resolved.

In addition, applications of 4,542 wounded were registered. In total, 15,594 members of the families of martyrs and veterans were visited.

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