Ombudsman: Child marriages still remain a problem

"We should especially mention that child marriages still remain a problem. This situation has a physical, mental, psychological, and emotional impact, depriving girls of studying and restricting their personal development and future opportunities. Such marriages, which lead to early pregnancy and childbirth, often threaten the health of mothers and children," the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva said.

SİA quotes her as saying that the Ombudsman's Office has made proposals to implement court decisions on alimony.

"We have proposed to establish a separate liability for intentional non-compliance with the lawful requirements of the executive officer in connection with the execution of court decisions on alimony. We have proposed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Law on Enforcement on the compulsory employment of persons evading alimony obligations and, accordingly, the establishment of related mechanisms for the employment of executive bodies.

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