Emin Huseynov: Restoration of cultural monuments among main tasks of Azerbaijan

Restoration of the cultural monuments in the liberated territories is among the main tasks facing Azerbaijan, Emin Huseynov, the Special Representative of the Azerbaijani President in the liberated territories which are part of the Karabakh economic region, told the opening of an international conference, 'Advancing Post-Conflict Humanitarian Agenda: Sustainable development through revitalization of cultural environment' in Shusha.

He also noted that during the war and the occupation, the Armenians destroyed all cultural monuments by violating all international protocols.

"Various cultural monuments and mosques are being restored in the liberated territories. All of them will be restored to their original state," he said.

Huseynov also noted that Shusha has already hosted numerous cultural events, and very many events are planned here.

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