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Opening date: April 7, 18-20: 00 (GMT) Exhibition: April 8 - May 14, 2022

"I'm not looking for comfort. I want to reach God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want good to prevail. I want to sin."

- Oldos Huxley, Brave new world

Gazelli Art House is pleased to present Aida Mahmudova's new works at the Liminality solo exhibition curated by Alistair Hicks. Speaking about the forgotten and inaccessible corners of her rapidly modernizing country, A. Mahmudova uses art to express a sense of stability in order to exist and live in this unique environment. Art knows no boundaries and allows the artist to use different methods of communication.

The artist explores the concept of space in depth. Mahmudova explains: "We are in space, we maintain our existence in parallel worlds, and space is inside us." Space can be a place where a person is material or spiritual, forming ideas about reality and illusions. Mark Ojen's concept of "inappropriateness" partially considers the idea of ​​a transition as a point of intersection of human relations with human perceptions, or on the edge of boundaries.

Mahmudova is engaged in the comparison of ideas of personal and public, place and inappropriateness, space and spacelessness. Mark Ojen's concept of displacement explores the idea of ​​transition, while spacelessness denies the idea of ​​"nesting" in contrast to the conflicting "home" and sense of belonging. Although this place is equally foreign to everyone, one can feel "relatively comfortable" here.

Mahmudova explores areas where crossings have taken place and lost direction, highlighting the encounter of borders or contradictions, the crossing of borders. Transition ceremonies (1909), founded by Arnold Van Gennep, state that human life consists of three stages.

Here is the border crossing itself. The horizons of borders have both spatial and temporal dimensions and can be applied to different subjects - people, communities, societies and civilizations. Nature, on the other hand, has a sense of stability, timelessness and open space. Mahmudova often turns to nature as a source of inspiration.

"Everything depends on the artist and the environment. The endless relationship between me and those around me is reminiscent of an eternal conversation. Both sides participate with all their being. The movement itself takes the form of a pure act of creation. It connects and unites us in the present, giving us multifaceted, unexpected and beautiful results. "

- Aida Mahmudova

About Gazelli Art House

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