Azerbaijan restores 18 historical, cultural monuments and builds 2 new mosques in Shusha

Eighteen of the 200 historical and cultural monuments destroyed in Azerbaijan’s liberated Shusha city have been restored so far, said Aydin Karimov, the special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in Shusha, Report informs.

He made the remark during his speech at the international conference themed "Organization of Turkic States: towards new strategic goals in the context of geopolitical realities and global cataclysms" in Shusha.

Karimov further stated that two new mosques are currently being built in Shusha.

The official also pointed out that 16 of the Shusha's 17 mosques were destroyed by the invaders:

“On the order of the President, the reconstruction work of the mosques was launched immediately, and as a result, four mosques in the city were fully restored over the four years, and the construction of two new mosques, one in Shusha city and the other in the village of Dashalti, commenced."

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