Italian architects to take part in development of Victory Museum concept

The Ministry of Culture continues to work on the Patriotic War Memorial Complex and the Victory Museum concepts.

SİA informs that the ministry has appealed to local and foreign experts to implement the project at a high level.

In this regard, cooperation has been launched with the top Italian multimedia company G GROUP. The company has successfully implemented several international projects.

Notably, on February 9, the ministry's leadership held an online meeting and preliminary discussion with the company's representatives.

It is vital to get acquainted with the place to correctly develop the Patriotic War Memorial Complex and the Victory Museum concept. For this purpose, G GROUP staff involving creative executive director and artistic director Fabrizio Conti, strategy consultant Laura Conti, architect, museum and exhibition designer Nicola Pavan, and architect Carlo Pavan visited Baku on February 19-21.

On the first day of the visit, a meeting was held between Minister of Culture Anar Karimov and the working delegation. Karimov stressed the importance of the Memorial Complex of the Patriotic War and the Museum of Victory as a place that conveys the glorious victory and the course of the Great Patriotic War with modern presentation methods.

The meeting also discussed the work to be done under the project, initial ideas, and plans.

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