SBS: 5 armed persons violated the state border of Azerbaijan

The State Border Service reports that the organized group, consisting of 5 armed persons, violated the state border of Azerbaijan from the territory of the Islam Republic of Iran. The trespassers were identified by the border frontier post located in Shahriyar village of Azerbaijan’s Bilasuvar region at 04:00 by local time while they were trying to smuggle large packages of narcotic drugs. The trespassers opened fire on border servicemen and escaped in the direction of Iran. Darkness and difficult landscape of the site helped them to escape. One border serviceman was wounded. Three packages of opium with the total weight of 66 kg were founded when the site was searched.

At the same time, 3 persons sitting in "Mercedes" car that hidden behind engineering-technical installations of the same border frontier post were found and they tried to escape from the site. When the detained persons were delivered to the same frontier post and interrogated, it was identified that they were the citizens of Azerbaijan, the resident of Bilasuvar region Valiyev Vugar Jafar, born in 1977, Mailov Rahib Abish, born in 1980 and Tagiyev Sabuhi Aligismat, born in 1983. It was also identified that they were waiting to receive the smuggled drugs.

SBS continues operational-search activity in order to detain other members of the criminal group.

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