Popularity of Baku hotels among Russian tourists doubles

The popularity of Baku hotels among Russian tourists has doubled, SİA informs referring to Izvestia.

The experts analyzed hotel bookings from June to August 2023 and compared them with the same period in 2022.

According to the results of the analysis, the popularity of hotels in Baku, Pattaya, Porto and Rimini has doubled, and the share of orders in Bishkek (+57.1%), Madrid (+50.8%) and Ankara (+50) has increased by 1.5 times or more.

Abroad, Seoul showed the most significant increase in tourist interest this summer: hotels in the capital of South Korea were booked 4.5 times more often than a year ago. It is followed by Bangkok (here the share of hotel orders in the city has tripled) and Mexico City (by 2.5 times).

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