Alpagut martial art officially recognized by the ICSSPE and accepted as a member of the council

On 05.2022, the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) officially accepted the World Alpagut Federation as a member. It should be noted that the Council made this decision at a meeting of the Board on 17.05.2022. ICSSPE - International Council for Sports Science and Physical Education is an international umbrella organization for sports, sports science and physical education.

ICSSPE operates in the fields of Science, Education and Policy. It promotes interdisciplinary research and regularly participates in a number of projects.

The organization promotes the training of professionals in the field of sports science, physical education and physical training, and supports government agencies and non-governmental sports organizations in developing effective and sustainable policies. ICSSPE cooperates with a number of national, international and supranational organizations. Both the legal office and the headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany.

Alpagut is a martial art taken from the ancient Turkish martial culture and synthesized with modern martial arts. The meaning of the name "Alpagut" is: Alp> warrior, Gut> gutsal(holy), meaning holy warrior. Since this martial art originated from the common culture and martial arts of the Turkic peoples, the word Turan (geography of the Turkic people) was added as a mark.

Thus, like all Turkic people, the name ALPAQUT, which belongs to the historical and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, based on the document No. 37 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 14.10.2014. Namazov Vasif Imran oglu was officially allowed to use it, and at the same time was issued by the State Patent Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Patent Certificate No. 201400542 dated 17.11.2014.

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