Conflict in Ukraine moving to escalation peak — Serbian President

he tension in the conflict area in Ukraine continues building up and has not yet achieved the escalation peak, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on the air with the Happy TV channel.

"I am highly concerned of the situation in Ukraine because I am afraid that further escalation is yet to come," Vucic noted. "The Ukrainians have just started their offensive; it will be many times stronger. The Russian response will probably not be a weak one also, if they have forces remaining," the head of state said. Developments in Ukraine are contributing to mounting pressure on Serbia in the context of sanctions, Vucic added. The destruction of Western weapons in particular also causes nervousness at the international stage, he said.

"We are adhering to our position from the third day of the conflict in Ukraine confidently, strongly, firmly and responsibly for a year and four months already without any oaths," Vucic said, commenting on maintaining the policy of refusing to join anti-Russian sanctions.

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