Director of the “Yeni klinika” medical institution arrested

Abbasov Parviz Akif oglu, director of the "Yeni Klinika" Public Legal Entity of the Union of Medical Territorial Units of the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance, was arrested, the General Office for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General's Office said, SİA reports.

According to Prosecutor General's Office, there were solid suspicions that the director of "Yeni Kliniuka" A. Parviz, colluding with other officials, took bribes from relatives of patients with coronavirus in exchange for placing patients in the clinic. Through the mediation of his acquaintances Huseynov Evez Enver oglu, Mirzeyeva Samira Ganayet oglu, Aliyeva Vusale Firudin gizi took bribes in the amount of 3000-3500 manats in exchange for the stationary treatment of covid patients, subsequently, this amount was divided between Abbasov and intermediaries.

On the fact, a criminal case was initiated against P. Abbasov under Articles 311.3.1 (bribe-taking by a group of persons on a large scale), 311.3.2 (repeated bribe-taking), a measure of restraint in the form of arrest was chosen by a court decision.

A criminal case was initiated against the accomplices of Abbasov's illegal actions - Evez Huseynov and Vusale Aliyeva under Article 32.5,311.3.1 (assistance in receiving a bribe by a group of persons by prior conspiracy), they were detained.

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