The 4500-Year-Old City of Mohenjo Daro damaged as a result of the rains

As a result of heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan, part of the 4500-year-old walls of Mohenjo-daro, which is included in the World Heritage List, has collapsed.

The head of the region, Ahsan Abbasi, drew attention to the impact of the record-breaking rains and saying: "Due to the monsoon rains, the 5,000-year-old big wall has collapsed in several places. The restoration work will begin together with archaeologists."

Abbasi hasn't provided information about the financial extent of the damage.

The ruins of Mohenjo-daro were one of the best-preserved monuments in South Asia.

The historical monument is included in the World Cultural Heritage List of the United Nations Department of Education, Science and Culture - UNESCO. The City of Mohenjo Daro was discovered in 1922.

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