Azerbaijan conducts research regarding Blue Mosque in Yerevan

"The only surviving Azerbaijani mosque in Yerevan is the Blue Mosque. But unfortunately, that mosque is not functioning as our mosque today," says Sabuhi Huseynov, the author of the research on "The fate of the Tepebashi quarter, the last remnant of Azerbaijan's national-cultural and historical heritage in the city of Yerevan: the destruction of the heritage of the Azerbaijani people in Armenia and the erasure of historical traces."

"There are hundreds and thousands of documents related to the constant repair of the mosque and management of the foundation in the Azerbaijani archive. Therefore, this mosque should be recognized as an Azerbaijani mosque. There is enough documentation for this. The Blue Mosque is a mosque with no affiliation to Iran. Based on documents and historical facts, it can be said that calling the mosque an Iranian mosque is ridiculous. World researchers also laugh at this."

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