Kamran Imanov: UNESCO resorts to double standards and evades fulfilling its duties

UNESCO resorts to double standards and evades fulfilling its duties, Kamran Imanov, Chairman of the Board of Intellectual Property Agency of Azerbaijan, told a conference themed “Ancient texts and classical sources expose Armenian forgeries and fabrications, or what the lands of West Azerbaijan are about," Report informs.

According to him, the tangible and non-tangible heritage belonging to the Azerbaijani people in Karabakh had been looted for 30 years:

"Even though Azerbaijan appealed to UNESCO in this regard, there has been no response yet. However, the issue of the protection of Armenian heritage in Karabakh was discussed in the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia with the representative of UNESCO. Interestingly, UNESCO has not reacted to the looting of Azerbaijan's cultural heritage for 30 years. UNESCO refuses to fulfill its duties by resorting to double standards. Appropriation of Azerbaijani examples is an old custom of Hays.”

Imanov said that the Intellectual Property Agency, in accordance with its powers and duties, demands that UNESCO fulfill its duties following its Charter in relation to Azerbaijan too.

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