Elon Musk subpoenas Jack Dorsey ahead of Twitter court battle

Elon Musk has launched legal action to summon Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to appear in court as part of his legal battle with the tech company.

Mr Musk is seeking to end his $44bn deal for Twitter after alleging the firm failed to provide enough information on fake account numbers.

But the social media site is suing Mr Musk to try to force him to buy it.

The case will be heard in Delaware, US, in October unless both parties decide to settle outside of court beforehand.

Twitter hopes that a judge will order Mr Musk - who is the world's richest man - to complete the takeover at the agreed price of $54.20 per share.

But as part of the trial preparations, lawyers for Mr Musk have called on his friend, the former boss of Twitter Mr Dorsey, in the hope that he will help support the Tesla boss's argument that the social media company hasn't been honest about the volume of fake accounts on its platform.

It is worth noting that, a subpoena legal writ or document summons a person to attend court or orders the submission of evidence, as records or documents, before a court.

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