1.5 mln. AZN donation, latest medical supplies and other immediate actions from Bakcell to combat Coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus Outbreak around the world, Bakcell joins the large-scale measures implemented in our country. In order to contribute to the health safety of its employees, customers and all the residents of Azerbaijan, the company implements 360 degree communication and action plan aimed at all layers and age groups of the population.

1.5 million AZN donated to the Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus

Being one of the largest businesses in the country with one of the most extensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Bakcell responded to the call of the President of Azerbaijan, and allocated 1.5 million AZN for the Fund to Support Fight against Coronavirus. This amount was donated by Bakcell (which is a part of NEQSOL Holding), within the overall budget of 5 million AZN allocated by NEQSOL Holding.

Latest medical equipment and express-tests purchased

In order to support the government’s efforts aimed at providing the population with high-quality medical services to fight against COVID-19, Bakcell invested heavily to bring the latest medical solutions to Azerbaijan. Thanks to this effort, it became possible to purchase special medical equipment, such as lung ventilation equipment, automatic fever screening tools, and more than 3000 express tests to identify the coronavirus. This equipment and tests will be delivered to the special locations, in accordance with guidance of the Operational Headquarters under the Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers.

Special campaign for the “invisible heroes” and people on quarantine

Bakcell did not forget the persons who are currently on quarantine, as well as the “invisible heroes”, being the doctors who are taking care of the quarantined citizens. Bakcell employees are preparing special surprise for these invisible heroes and will send handwritten post cards, with warm words of appreciation of the medical personnel’s hard work. Also, postcards with support messages will be sent to people on quarantine.

Moreover, Bakcell will present 100 AZN scratch cards to the medical personnel of quarantine centers and 50 AZN scratch cards to all the people who are currently on quarantine to stay in touch with their families.

Online charity marathon

Bakcell is planning various Corporate Social Responsibility projects aimed at fighting against coronavirus. The Company will arrange an online fund-raising marathon by means Run2Help mobile app, created with support of its AppLab Center. In order to promote active and healthy lifestyle during the days when most of the people are staying at home, Bakcell will offer an opportunity to turn daily steps into money, which can be later donated for charity. The collected

amount together with additional contribution by Bakcell will be donated to “SOS Children’s Villages” and other long-term CSR partners of Bakcell.

The Company is working on other CSR initiatives to support sensitive groups of population.

Employee and customer safety – “stay home” initiative

Safety and health of its employees and customers is the main priority of Bakcell. As of today, Bakcell customers will see a “stay at home” message on their phone screens.

Also, the Company has encouraged its customers to use “My Bakcell” application and 555 Contact Center instead of visiting Customer Care Centers without an urgent need even though the customer care offices are properly disinfected and supplied with all the necessary personal disinfectant means.

In addition to that, just as calls to 103 (ambulance) Bakcell ensured that calls to the “1542” TABİB hotline are free of charge for all Bakcell subscribers.

Within these measures, Bakcell employees are provided with the opportunity to work from home, and all the Bakcell offices were properly disinfected to ensure safety of those who choose to visit the office.


About Bakcell

Bakcell offers a wide range of products and services to users of modern mobile communications. The company provides its customers with the best-in-class mobile internet.

With more than 8000 base stations, Bakcell network covers 99% of the population and 93% of the land area of the country (excluding the occupied territories).

Today, Bakcell has the largest 4G network in the country in terms of coverage area and capacity, covering almost 93% of the country’s population and the central parts of all the regions of Azerbaijan (excluding Nakhchivan AR and occupied territories).

For more information about Bakcell products and services, please visit www.bakcell.com or call 555. For press releases, please visit www.bakcell.com/en/news.

If you are not a Bakcell subscriber, but wish to find out about Bakcell and its products and services, please call 012 498 89 89

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