Google, Amazon and Apple may become available to Azerbaijani investors

In an era when big tech companies like Google, Amazon and Apple dominate the global economy, and young people are increasingly keen on investing, the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE) has decided to keep up,Report informs.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the BSE Farid Akhundov has announced plans to make shares of these giants available for purchase on the stock exchange. “Many people, especially the younger generation, are already buying shares of these companies through foreign brokerage platforms and custodian banks, which is somewhat expensive,” noted Akhundov.

He added that the BSE has no restrictions for such trading operations and therefore “we are thinking about it.”

“We want these instruments to be available on the local market,” said the head of the Baku Stock Exchange.

The new strategy of the BSE for 2024-2026, under the slogan “Key Initiatives of Strategic Development,” aims to simplify and make operations on the stock market more accessible. “In particular, through mobile applications of banks, by transferring funds from accounts to the accounts of investment companies, it will be possible to purchase any instruments with different yields,” Akhundov added.

In addition, the BSE plans to more actively promote investment accounts among the population, especially among young people. Account opening campaigns will be organized through investment companies, banks and their online/mobile channels. The BSE will also welcome the opening of demo and real accounts by university students.

These measures are intended not only to expand the circle of investors, but also to make the stock exchange more attractive to young and technologically savvy people.

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