SpaceX's private Polaris Dawn orbital mission delayed to summer 2024

Launch of the private Polaris Dawn mission — which aims at first-ever private spacewalk, as well as test SpaceX's Starlink internet service in space and conduct a variety of science experiments — has been delayed from April to no earlier than this summer, its organizers announced on February 8, SİA informs referring to

"The additional time continues to provide necessary developmental time to ensure both the completion of these mission goals and a safe launch and return of Dragon and the crew," the Polaris Program said via X.

Polaris Dawn will use SpaceX hardware, launching four people to Earth orbit in a Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon 9 rocket.

Those four are Jared Isaacman, the billionaire behind the Polaris Program of private space exploration, retired US Air Force colonel Scott Poteet, and SpaceX employees Sarah Gillis and Anna Menon.

Isaacman will command Polaris Dawn. Poteet will serve as pilot, and Gillis and Menon will be the payload specialist and medical officer, respectively.

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