Share your style with “Dinlat” service by Nar

Always committed to the strategy of customer centricity and affordable prices, Nar is pleased to introduce the updated "Dinlat" service for its customers. "Dinlat", once one of Nar’s most popular services, has been updated to incorporate new features.

Now, Nar customers will be able to activate "Dinlat" an unlimited number of times by paying only 1.8 AZN per month. To subscribe for the service, just choose your favorite track on the platform and dial *185*DinlatCode#YES.

Once you activate the "Dinlat" service, your callers will hear your favorite tracks, various melodies, funny one-liners, etc. instead of the standard ringing tone.

Nar currently provides high-quality communication services to 2.2 million customers. Nar has been the leading mobile operator in the country according to the customer retention rate for the last 4 years. The mobile operator adheres to a customer-centric strategy and provides best-in-class service at an affordable price.

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