First Azerbaijani female soldier graduates from NATO Defense College course

Lieutenant Colonel Samira Karimzadeh of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the first Azerbaijani female military officer who has graduated from the highly specialized course of NATO's Defense College in Rome, the capital of Italy.

Not only the military personnel of NATO member states, but also partner countries of the alliance took part in the course, which lasted from August 16 2022 to January 27 2023, SIA refers to local media.

During the course aimed at preparing and training officers, there were also presentations of the countries' armed forces, culture, traditions and national cuisine.

The participation of our servicemen in these courses is an indication of the high level of Azerbaijan-NATO partnership.

Azerbaijan has been cooperating with the NATO Defense College for many years. Our officers, who have passed the course in this college, perform their military service in the ranks of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.

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