Honeysuckle - the benefits of Melissa tea

Today we would like to tell you about all the benefits and side effects of a tea - which is called Melisa in Turkish, honeydew, badranc, limonot or lemon balm in Azerbaijani. SIA refers to Turkish media about the given information.

Known for its relaxing and calming effects, honeysuckle-lemon tea has many health benefits. First of all, let's start with who can drink honeysuckle tea:

• those with indigestion caused by stress,

• those with spasms and pains in the stomach and intestines,

• those with swelling problems,

• those who are nervous,

• those with increased heart rate due to stress,

• those with complaints such as nausea, vomiting, motion sickness or seasickness.

What are the benefits of honeysuckle?

• First, it helps reduce stress and anxiety, provides relaxation, reduces symptoms of depression and protects your mental health. It has been observed that people who drink Ballynana tea calm down and have an increased desire to sleep. Melissa tea also reduces feelings of anxiety such as nervousness and over-excitement.

• Honeysuckle improves concentration and cognitive functions, which improves memory when studying or reading a book. However, as beneficial as it is, don't drink more than a glass of melissa tea a day, or it can make you drowsy and affect your work.

• Melissa tea supports the treatment of herpes - cold sores. Due to its antioxidant content, creams with honeysuckle extract are effective in the treatment of herpes, help to heal quickly, and reduce the speed of the disease.

Honeysuckle tea has antiseptic properties and helps to heal skin problems such as herpes, sores, herpes, insect bites and redness.

• Eliminating the problem of indigestion. If you have complaints related to the digestive system such as stomach pain, gas, nausea and indigestion, melissa tea helps you to relax.

• Honeysuckle tea relieves headaches. For stress headaches, melissa can be as relaxing as chamomile tea.

Due to its natural pain-relieving properties, lemon tea helps to relieve pain in various parts of the body.

• Can heal the heart. Melissa tea also has a calming effect on people with low blood pressure and heart palpitations. Therefore, lemon balm tea is considered beneficial for the cardiovascular system due to its antioxidant content.

• Strengthens immunity. Thanks to its antiviral and antimicrobial effect, it helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Antioxidant melissa plant can be used for flu and fever as it promotes sweating.

• Reduces sleep disturbances. Helping people who have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia, honeysuckle tea provides relaxation and makes it easier to fall asleep when you drink it before going to bed.

• Against skin spots, negative effects of the sun and acne, melissa tea is useful when used as a mask.

When to drink Melissa tea? Because this honeysuckle tea is relaxing, it is recommended to drink it in stressful moments. Drinking melissa tea a few hours before going to bed in the evening reduces the effects of radiation that you are exposed to during the day, and also helps you to sleep comfortably by removing your stress.

A maximum of 2 glasses should be drunk per day. It is not recommended to drink it with herbs such as valerian, wine, ginseng, chamomile, as it has a sleep-inducing property.

How to brew Melissa tea? Pour boiling water from a teapot or into a cup with a lid. Immediately add dried or fresh lemongrass and close the lid. Honeysuckle tea should be brewed for about 5-10 minutes and then drunk.

Melissa's fresh leaves can be added to cold drinks, soups, fish dishes, pilafs and all kinds of salads, especially in summer.

Honeysuckle leaves can be crushed and used as a cream against insect bites.

Side effects of Melissa tea. When consumed at normal levels, the likelihood of side effects on humans is very low. Excessive use can cause adverse effects. As a result:

• painful urination,

• headache,

• nausea and vomiting,

• stomach pain,

• dizziness,

• increase in body temperature,

• skin irritation,

• allergic reaction,

• Wheezing can occur.

Honeysuckle tea is harmful when taken together with some medicines. Do not drink melissa tea if you are taking thyroid, sleep, glaucoma, sedative, or other medications that affect serotonin.

Honeysuckle tea should not be taken by pregnant and lactating women, those with serious illnesses and children under 16 years of age.

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