Shooting occurred on the Azerbaijan-Iran border, one border violator was injured - PHOTO

The General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan and the State Border Service released a joint statement, SİA reports.

"Within the framework of measures to ensure reliable protection of the state border, fight against smuggling and illegal circulation of narcotics, the employees of the State Border Service prevented the smuggling of narcotics from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Azerbaijan. On August 12, 2022, at 01:55, two unknown persons were observed by the border guards moving from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the direction of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the service area near the village of Deman, Yardimli district.

The border guards gave the "Stop" command to the border violators, and a warning shot was fired into the air. However, the border violators opened fire, threatened the lives of the border guards and tried to evade the pursuit.

As a result of the search measures carried out in the area, a narcotic substance (marijuana) with a total weight of 7 kg and 935 grams, one pistol, and its cartridges were found and taken away in one package.

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