Shusha was declared the capital of Azerbaijani culture

I declare Shusha the capital of Azerbaijani culture. The city of Shusha deserves it. I think that it can be considered not only the cultural capital of Azerbaijan but also the region.

SİA reports that the statement came from President Ilham Aliyev during a video conference with Anar Karimov on his appointment as Minister of Culture on January 5.

"The cultural life of Shusha must be rich. Work on the restoration of Shusha has already begun. A large staff was sent there on my instructions. So, the housing stock, historical monuments must be inspected, the damage must be accurately calculated and we must begin the restoration of Shusha.

However, the original image of Shusha, its historical image, must be restored without wasting time, but at the same time, without haste," the President said.

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