Leyla Aliyeva’s book of selected poems published

The book of poems “Selected ones”, which contains a collection of selected poems by famous Azerbaijani poetess Leyla Aliyeva, was published.

The book, which begins with remarks of the poetess, who says "Many people associate my poetry with my emotions and mood, and think that my poems are very sad. In fact, most of those poems are not about me. Most of them express the views, state and excitement of the human soul in general. I believe that poems sent to me from God. I can hear the lines…” includes such series of verses as "Motherland", "What is life, what is death", "Where are you, good man of the world?", "Give me strength, God!", "Let me go and cry a little", "Come back in another life".

Academician Nizami Jafarov is the author of the foreword to the book, which covers eternal themes such as homeland, life, mercy, death, and love, while the translators of the poems are People's Writer Afag Masud, poet and translator Salam Sarvan, and the editor is writer-translator Yashar Aliyev.

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