Russia blames 'sabotage' for explosions in northern Crimea

A week after an apparent Ukrainian attack on a Russian military base in occupied Crimea, an arms store at another military facility has been hit by a series of explosions.

Russian officials said a fire triggered the blasts in the Dzhankoi area, before blaming "sabotage", SIA cites foreign press.

A separate fire broke out at a power sub-station and a railway was damaged.

A string of blasts last week destroyed Russian warplanes at a Black Sea base on the Crimean coast.

Ukraine has never publicly admitted that attack - but presidential office adviser Mykhailo Podolyak described the latest incident as "demilitarisation in action", indicating that the explosions were not accidental.

A Ukrainian air force command spokesman said the base was used by some of Russia's military helicopters, but blamed the blasts on Russia failing to observe fire precautions.

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