37 infected with cholera in Iran

It is reported that 37 people have been infected with cholera in Iran.

According to the information obtained by SIA, the official of the Ministry of Health, Meryem Mesudifer, who gave an interview to the official IRNA news agency of Iran, said that hygiene rules should be followed to prevent the spread of cholera in Iran.

Mesudifer said that so far 37 people have been diagnosed with cholera in Iran.

Mesudifer also said: "This disease is caused by insufficient drinking water and improper sewage system. Most of the people infected with the disease either have no symptoms or mild symptoms, but in some cases, it causes the death of patients."

Cholera has recently been recorded in the cities of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk in the north of Iraq.

On June 21, it was announced that one person has died of cholera in Kirkuk.

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