UK police issue more than 100 fines over ‘Partygate’ scandal

British police have handed out more than 100 fines as part of their investigation into lockdown rule-breaking gatherings held in Downing Street and other United Kingdom government buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an update on Thursday, the Metropolitan Police Service (MET) said its prove into rule breaches remained live, meaning the running total of fines could yet rise further.

It was the first update from the MET on its investigation into the so-called “Partygate” scandal in a month. The service had previously been issuing bulletins every two weeks but delayed revealing the latest figures until after local elections held last week were wrapped up.

In its last update on April 12, the MET said it had issued more than 50 fines as part of “Operation Hillman”, the official name of the investigation into breaches of COVID-19 regulations in Whitehall and Downing Street, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has his official residence.

Police have been investigating 12 gatherings in total, at least three of which Johnson is known to have attended.

Both he and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak were among the recipients of the fines handed out in April.

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