Karabakh statement will be discssed in European parliament

The annual report on foreign policy and security is being discussed at today's plenary session of the European Parliament. The report was prepared by the European Parliament's Committee on International Relations and presented by the chairman of the committee, Mac Allister. The report sets out the European Commission's key foreign policy and security priorities for 2021 and is a recommendation to the European Government.

SİA informs that the report contains a separate chapter on the Eastern Partnership countries, and this chapter contains provisions on the EU's position on solving the existing problems in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Paragraph 23 of the draft report emphasizes the importance of the EU's support for the sovereignty, independence, and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of EaP countries.

Paragraph 24 welcomes the achievement of a ceasefire on the basis of the Joint Statement signed by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia and the Prime Minister of Armenia on 9 November 2020. The European Parliament regrets the change in the status quo in the conflict zone not through peaceful means, but through military operations, and calls for the continuation of the peace process in the format of the OSCE Minsk Group.

The EP strongly condemns the deaths of civilians on both sides, calls for the necessary conditions for the return of refugees and internally displaced persons, the investigation of allegations of war crimes, and the punishment of the perpetrators.

The EP calls on the EU government to be more proactive in resolving the conflict and not to leave the fate of the region in the hands of other powers.

The draft report is currently under discussion and will be put to a vote in the coming hours.

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