European Council publishes Navalny death sentence text on Parliamentary Assembly website

The text of the verdict approving the February 16th death sentence related to the demise of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny in prison has been published on the website of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

The verdict includes proposals for imposing harsh measures against the Russian government, labeling Navalny's death as murder, SIA reports with reference to Russian media.

Consequently, the entire responsibility rests with the Russian state. PACE has also urged for sanctions against nearly 50 individuals directly involved in Navalny's persecution.

"Under Vladimir Putin's regime, the Russian Federation has effectively turned into a dictatorship," the verdict contends.

It is also alleged that the Putin regime adopts the "neo-imperial ideology of the Russian world" to legitimize aggression against neighboring states. The reinforcement of this ideology, which is described as the "misuse of religion and distortion of Christian Orthodox tradition," plays a significant role.

The leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church is urged to be considered as accomplices in the alleged crimes of the Putin regime. The verdict describes the presidential elections held in Russia in March as non-legitimate.

The document calls for the immediate provision of necessary weapons and equipment to Ukraine, intensification of sanctions against Russia, the release or exchange of political prisoners held in Russian and Belarusian prisons, as well as the utilization of Russia's frozen assets to aid Ukraine and the establishment of an international court.

"Investigate the alleged crimes of the Russian leadership!" it states.

Among other issues, PACE has declared Russian oil refineries as legitimate military targets.

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