Moldova Constitutional Court approves positive outcome for Referendum on EU Membership by "Action and Solidarity" Party

On Wednesday evening, April 16, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled positively on the request by deputies of the "Action and Solidarity" party to hold a referendum on EU membership, SIA reports citing European Reality NewsMaker.

Now, the final decision regarding the conduct of the referendum must be approved by the country's parliament.

The referendum on EU membership is scheduled to take place on October 20. If Moldovans vote in favor of EU membership, several amendments will be made to the Constitution.

The preamble of the Constitution will include the European identity and the irreversible nature of Moldova's European development path.

Additionally, the Constitution will feature a section on "European integration."

It will demonstrate Moldova's accession to the treaties establishing the European Union and to the acts re-examining the founding treaties of the European Union.

After accession, these treaties and acts will take precedence over national laws.

Public opinion on the necessity of such a referendum seems to be almost evenly divided, indicating a significant split in public sentiment.

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