Search operations target Crimean Tatars in annexed Crimea - Imams and activists detained

In the annexed Crimea, search operations have been conducted among at least five addresses of Crimean Tatars in the cities of Ilhaq edilmiş Krım, Starı Krım, and the village of Juravki.

According to Crimea Solidarity, the police visited the homes of activist Lenur Yakubov, the independent Muslim congregation "Eski Kırım" imam İzet Sayfullin, his deputy İdris Yurdamov, and activist Şevkət Kiyamov, as well as the Old Crimea Mosque, SIA reports.

Yakubov and Sayfullin were detained and taken to the Ministry of Internal Affairs branch in Kirovskoye village, Crimea. According to several sources, administrative protocols related to "illegal missionary activities" were drawn up against them.

Later, Yakubov was taken to the Kirov Court of Crimea and sentenced to 14 days of detention. At the same time, Crimea Solidarity reporter Əli Seytablayev was also detained near the courthouse. The police issued a military enlistment summons accusing him of "undergoing a psychological test and verifying military registration documents." The remaining citizens who came to support the detainees at the court were dispersed by riot police.

It's worth noting that after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Russian authorities began widespread persecution of Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. Criminal cases against them often rely on religious literature found only during searches, being charged with terrorism. Currently, several hundred individuals are in long-term detention, with the majority recognized as political prisoners by international human rights organizations. Crimean Tatars themselves assert that they are targeted due to their refusal to accept the annexation of the peninsula.

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