Search continues for victims of "Batuhan A" cargo ship sinking and land collapse in Erzincan

The search for those missing continues following the sinking of the cargo ship "Batuhan A" in the Marble Sea on February 15 and a subsequent land collapse in the gold mining area of the Erzincan province.

The body of one of the six sailors missing during the maritime accident near the Imrali Island in the south-west of Bursa province has been discovered, SIA refers to local media.

Divers from the Turkish Naval Forces Command are investigating the remains of the ship at a depth of 51 meters. More than 700 specialists have been mobilized for search and rescue operations conducted within a 4-mile radius from the shore.

Another search and rescue operation is underway in the Erzincan province.

On February 13, during a land collapse in the gold mining area of the province, nine workers went missing. A total of 2700 personnel from the Turkish Armed Forces, AFAD, as well as other state and non-governmental organizations, are involved in search and rescue teams in the region.

The operation includes 802 transport and construction vehicles, 99 lighting sources, 52 generators, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Search efforts are being conducted on a 210,000 square meters area. Six individuals have been arrested in connection with the incident.

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