Rockslide forces urgent evacuation of miners in 'Tashtagolskaya' mine, Kemerovo region

A rockslide has occurred in the "Tashtagolskaya" mine in the Kemerovo region, leading to the immediate evacuation of miners, SIA reports citing Interfax.

Emergency services have reported a rockslide with a magnitude of 2.4 in the mine.

According to preliminary information, miners have not suffered injuries.

It was previously reported that a rockslide occurred in the "Tashtagolskaya" mine in 2022 due to ground subsidence, mainly accompanied by a powerful airwave.

Currently, rescuers are successfully bringing all miners to the surface safely.

A total of 252 people have been evacuated from the mine.

The mine is part of the mountain-mine division of "Evrazruda."

Construction of the Dashtagol mine began in 1939. Currently, operations involve extracting ore from seven horizons, with minimal disturbance to the surface.

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