Turkey won’t take sides in armed conflicts, including in Ukraine — Erdogan

Turkey won’t take sides in any armed conflicts, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with Turkish news media on Wednesday.

"I want to appeal to the nation. Turkey won’t easily take sides in military conflicts. Turkey will always stand for peace, defend it, take steps to strengthen global peace. In fact, that’s what our goal is in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict," he said in the interview that was webcast on his Twitter page.

Erdogan said that Turkey now produces all the weapons it needs and in the event of a military conflict can fully rely on its own supply.

"I'm not just talking about airplanes and tanks. Ammunition. Turkey now produces all kinds of ammunition. But in the past, we had to knock on every door to get it. God forbid, of course, but in the event of war, we will not depend on anyone," the president said.

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