Estonian authorities relocate Soviet-era memorials to cemeteries

An Estonian government committee formed in June, reviewed and decided the fate of 322 monuments, the majority of these being World War II memorials that will be destroyed and graves that will be re-interred at cemeteries.

"Soviet monuments on the list prepared by the working group of the State Registry will be demolished soon. Of the 322 listed monuments, 133 were placed in military cemeteries, and the others will soon be demolished. The Soviet soldiers in the graves will also be reburied. Some of the monuments will be destroyed, and some will be sent to museums," the head of the working group Asko Kivinuk told the ERR teleradio portal, SIA reports.

The commitee was created according to the decision of Estonia "On the transfer of monuments with symbols of occupation from the public space of Estonia" dated August 4.

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