Employees of the NGO visited "SES" Media Group - PHOTOS

Within the framework of the project "Increasing the Media and PR Skills of NGO Employees" organized by "Ireli" Public Union and implemented with the support of the NGO Agency, NGO employees visited "SES" Media Group.

SIA informs that Bahruz Guliyev, the head of "Ses" Media Group, welcoming the project participants, informed them that the organization started functioning as a newspaper on January 11, 1991. "Ses" Information Agency is part of the "Ses" Media Group, which covers all regions of our country during its activity, provides online news service through its offices in Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Eastern European countries, Kazakhstan, as well as Central Asian countries and distributes accurate and immediate information on various topics. At present, "SES TV" online television and "Ses" Newspaper are successfully continuing their activities as part of "Ses" Media Group.

Arif Rahimli, the coordinator of the project, an employee of "Ireli" Public Union, noted that the mentioned project has a great role in strengthening the relations between NGOs and mass media. Arif Rahimli expressed his gratitude to "Ses" Media Group for continuous information support and emphasized that visits to other media organizations will be arranged within the project.

Later, the project participants got to know the activities of the "Ses" Media Group and its affiliated institutions and obtained new information.

The main goal of the implemented project is to strengthen the access opportunities of non-governmental organizations to the press and social networks, as well as to achieve an increase in the efficiency of the PR.

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