Public transport not to run in Azerbaijan for seven days

Public transport will not run in Azerbaijan from May 9 to 16, SİA reports.

A change has been made on working days and quarantine regime regarding Ramadan Holiday.

Note that Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision in this regard. According to the decision, May 11 and 12 working days of this year have been replaced with May 8 and 16 non-working days in order to provide the sequence of working and non-working days in Azerbaijan.

As May 9 - Day of Victory on fascism in World War II coincides with Sunday, according to relevant legislation, May 10 was a non-working day.

So, from May 9 to 15 including Ramadan Holidaywill be non-working days. Working days will start from May 16.

Public transport will not run onnon-working days.

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