Azerbaijan starts urban planning process to reconstruct Fuzuli - top official

Azerbaijan has already started the urban planning and city planning process to reconstruct and bring internally displaced persons of Fuzuli and other liberated territories of Azerbaijan back to the liberated territories, Head of the Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev told Al-Jazeera, SİA reports.

“We see the destruction, this vandalism, that has been committed by Armenia in Fuzuli city,” he said, adding that once again the international community will see the difference in the way Armenia destroyed the city and the way Azerbaijan will reconstruct it.

“Of course Armenia bears responsibility for such actions and crimes against humanity, and based on that assessments we will continue to appeal to international institutions and courts to sue Armenia,” he said, stressing that no solid buildings has been left in Fuzuli, all the areas have been mined.

"Everything has been destroyed, therefore it is required from Azerbaijan to have some restrictions in the area," he said.

In terms of peacekeepers Hajiyev said, that the Russian peacekeepers were deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, as for the Turkish peacekeepers, they will be engaged in monitoring, and this issue is currently under discussion.

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