Baku Court Sentences Head of New Surakhani District to Pre-Trial Detention on Corruption Charges

The case of Fikret Quliyev, the head of New Surakhani District, has been sent to the Baku Court of Grave Crimes after a pre-trial investigation was conducted by the Anti-Corruption Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, SIA reports.

The investigation revealed that during his tenure, Fikret Quliyev, while in office, received a large sum of money from multiple individuals in exchange for allocating land plots and conducting construction projects. He also engaged in other illegal activities.

The evidence collected during the investigation established that Fikret Quliyev repeatedly accepted bribes in a large amount and exercised unlawful influence on official decisions.

The Prosecutor's Office presented the case to the court, and based on the investigation, the court decided to place Fikret Quliyev in pre-trial detention.

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