"Oqtay Eloğlu" play to grace the stage at Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater

In a splendid tribute to the renowned playwright Cəfər Cabbarli, the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater is set to stage the play "Oqtay Eloğlu."

Organized with the support of the "İRƏLİ" Public Association, Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater, and ADA University, the event is coordinated by the "OCAQ" Theater Society. Notably, the performance is dedicated to National Theater Day and is scheduled to take place on March 10, SIA reports.

The primary objectives of the event include introducing talented young artists and promoting collaborative activities among independent theater societies and clubs. The play, written in 1922, narrates the heartfelt journey of a simple patriot and actor, Oqtay, who passionately loves his homeland and people. It delves into his struggles and sacrifices in establishing a national theater.

Oqtay, the central character, is portrayed as an actor and a creative artist facing formidable challenges. His highest aspiration is to create and develop the theater of the Azerbaijani people, viewing it as a manifestation of national identity. For him, a national theater is crucial for self-affirmation, as a nation must create its own cultural expression to assert itself. This, he believes, can only be accomplished by the dedicated efforts of passionate individuals.

For those eager to witness this cultural celebration, tickets can be obtained through the iticket.az website. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary theatrical experience on National Theater Day.

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