Cars should not be parked in the direction of traffic, Expert states

The rise in the number of vehicles is a significant contributor to the traffic problem in Baku.

Transport expert Farhad Eyyubov said in a statement to SIA, outlining three potential solutions to the traffic jam issue.

According to Eyyubov, the first approach involves operational organization, which includes redirecting traffic to alternative roads and implementing traffic regulations such as changing traffic light intervals and using the "Green Wave" principle to manage high volumes of vehicles. However, Baku's current level of saturation limits the effectiveness of this method.

The second method, as stated by the expert, is architectural design. This entails widening existing roads or constructing new ones. The recently approved master plan includes plans for new roads to alleviate traffic congestion. This approach can only be implemented if there is available space for road expansion.

Eyyubov also highlighted the third approach, which involves administrative restrictions.

"This can include prohibiting certain vehicles from using specific roads or implementing parking restrictions in high-traffic areas. The expert emphasized the importance of addressing parking issues, as cars parked in the direction of traffic can cause significant congestion," the expert stated.

In addition, Eyyubov suggested that highways should be managed from a single center to improve traffic management.

"Currently, different agencies such as the Azerbaijan Land Transport Agency, State Traffic Police, and the State Agency of Motorways of Azerbaijan handle various aspects of traffic management," the expert emphasized the need for a strategic approach to effectively tackle the issue of traffic congestion.

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