Rainy, windy weather forecast for tomorrow

Rainy and windy weather is forecasted for September 16, SİA informs, citing the National Hydrometeorological Service of Azerbaijan.

Fog is expected in some places at night and in the morning. A northwest wind will blow.

The temperature will be 17-21 C at night, and 22-26 C during the daytime. Atmospheric pressure will be 763 mm Hg. Relative humidity will be 55-65%.

The weather will mainly be rainless in Azerbaijan’s districts. However, rain is possible in some areas. A moderate east wind will blow.

The temperature will vary from 15 to 19 C at night and from 23 to 28 C in the daytime. In the highlands, it will be 3 to 7 C at night and 7 to 12 C.

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