Saadat Yusifova: 3 + 3 formula - response to call for end of Westphalian world

The "3 + 3" formula put forward after the war is a response to the call for the end of the Westphalian world and the formation of new world order, Saadat Yusifova, Deputy Head of the Non-Governmental Organizations and Communications Department of the Presidential Administration, said at the presentation of the website, SİA informs.

"When you look at the global context, the first seeds of new world order formation are already visible. As the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan noted in his last interview, "the traditional rules of conduct in international relations are running out. The power factor comes to the fore. We must be ready for that.

" Therefore, we must always be self-confident, be stronger, not depend on anyone. The new world will, in fact, rely on the will and efforts of the peoples of the world, including how we want to see it," she added.

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