Georgia's State Security Service: There were attempts to deliberately worsen relations with Azerbaijan

Concerned groups grew active in Georgian regions, predominantly populated by ethnic minorities, amid the processes in the region's conflict zone in 2020, Report's local bureau informs, citing an annual report Georgia's State Security Service submitted to the parliament.

According to the document, these groups tried to damage the peaceful environment by creating tension between Azerbaijanis and Armenians in certain municipalities:

At the same time, attempts were made to deliberately worsen Georgian-Azerbaijani and Georgian-Armenian relations. In order to facilitate destructive processes, false information was disseminated about various forms of Georgia's participation in current events.

One of the main goals of disinformation and propaganda with the active use of various media and Internet resources was reportedly to present Georgia as siding with any of the conflict parties:

"Against the background of the current situation, the DTC maintains close contacts with the relevant authorities of Azerbaijan and Armenia. All security issues should be resolved in the interests of the processes taking place in the region."

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